Warzone 2 players find Al Mazrah Quads ‘unplayable’ thanks to cheats

Issued: 2023-03-19T00:45:07

Updated: 2023-03-19T00:45:14

Warzone 2 has experienced a cheating outbreak since the start of Season 2 and players have declared Al Mazrah Quads absolutely “unplayable” as a result.

Warzone 2’s Tactical Nuke challenge is one of the toughest in gaming. It requires a massive team effort across multiple matches, and in many ways relies on luck to accomplish.

It’s too much for the average gamer to achieve in most cases, which is why so many people have started cheating to check it off their to-do lists. The DDoS issue was pretty bad in the opening weeks of the season, but now some players are avoiding Al Mazrah altogether because of it.

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Why Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah Quads playlist is “unplayable”

Players came together in a March 17th Reddit post to discuss how bad the cheating problem was, especially when it came to Al Mazrah Quads.

“The cheaters are constantly crushing the quad servers and it absolutely crushes the servers. They do it for their paid nuke-skin services,” the original post summed up.

“More than 95% of my matches on Threes, as well as several other people I know, have been perfectly fine, clear and instant. However, as soon as one of us steps into Fours, 100% of our matches are just late nonsense clowning shows where we skip and teleport.”

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Others joined in to share their stories of encountering these cheaters, and most agree that Quads get the worst of the punishment. Al Mazrah’s other squad sizes seem to be safe from the hacking problem for now, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever.

Ashika Island is a bit of a safer bet, as it’s impossible to get the atomic sequence there, meaning the shadier members of the community aren’t incentivized to cheat on that playlist.

There’s been no word from Activision on how they plan to handle this situation, so for now, it’s best to hold tight and work it out in other game modes.

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