Specter gaming reveals trailer shown for DNF Duel, detailed Season Pass

It’s been approaching 1 year since DNF Duel first launched, and while the game still hasn’t received any new DLC since launch, that’s finally about to change.

Arc System Works has revealed Specter’s gameplay trailer after the Arc World Tour 2022 Finals as well as more information about the upcoming new character and Season Pass.

As seen in the footage, Specter fights using 2 blades which gives her great range and better movement options than most of the rest of the cast.

She can move 8 directions in the air by throwing out her White Fang blade and pulling on its wire to change her aerial trajectory.

Besides just the new character, ArcSys also revealed their Season Pass roadmap for DNF, which confirms that this season will consist of 5 new characters and 1 additional stage.

Specter won’t launch as the first character until this Summer, but she will bring with her an updated Awakening system as well as newer mechanics to deepen the experience than before.

In that update, players can choose between a Clear Cube and a Gold Cube for Awakening, with the former activating at 50% health and lower strength than Gold, which likely works similarly to how it works now.

The developers also mention a new defense mechanic they plan to add at the same time, but they don’t know what to elaborate on, how that is yet.

As the roadmap likely suggests, ArcSys has gone out of its way to ensure that fans plan to support the game at least until 2024 with new content and balance updates along the way.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for Specter below.

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