Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Fan Coaster Will Last Over Our Universe

Picture: Marcel Vos/Atari/Emojipedia/Kotaku

Have you ever waited a few hours to ride a popular roller coaster? Maybe. But I can guarantee you that no one has ever waited the entire life of the known universe. Well, unless you’re the unlucky digital people stuck on a new wild and complicated Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 creation of YouTuber Marcel Vos.

Released in 2002, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 is a popular PC theme park builder that is still being actively played and modded by gamers in 2023. But there are also purists who don’t play the game with fancy mods or open source ports. And Marcel Vos, popular RCT2 A YouTuber, is one of these players who enjoys experimenting with the original 20-year-old version of the game. A few years ago he made a coaster that takes 12 years to complete. But now his latest creation—impressively crafted without modifications—is a working roller coaster that will last more than 3 quintuple million years in real life to complete Bring some snacks.

Marcel Vos / Atari

To do this amazing and hard to understand task, Marcel Vos first built a really, really, really long roller coaster that had almost no hills or dips. This means that the coaster train moves very slowly around the whole thing. Then, when it reaches the end, it reverses due to specific driving options. That return trip takes even longer. And it must take this very long journey seven times before the journey is considered complete. In total, that journey takes more than two years. That’s a long one, but not the universal ride promised by the title of this article.

This is achieved by 253 smaller roller coasters that are synchronized using in-game options RCT2-with the larger, very slow coaster. So after that big roller coaster finishes one ride—which remember takes two years—one of the smaller coasters will start its ride and that coaster is synchronized to a coaster that will then complete a ride, and so on and so forth. What this all means is that when you reach the final roller coaster in this nightmarish chain, it will take a lot more than just two years to complete. In fact, the actual number is so large that I can’t even write it all down.

Here is a picture of it:

A screenshot shows a very large number representing how many years the ride will take to complete.

Screenshot: Marcel Vos / Kotaku

Marcel Vos does a good job in the video of showing how impossibly large this number is, pointing out that if you counted one atom every year out of everything that exists in the known universe, you’d be done right around Vos time. “Universe Coaster” would finally end its difficult to understand journey. Yes, you definitely want to pack plenty of snacks before hopping on this ride.

If you want to see this rage Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 ride yourself, Marcel Vos graciously released file that you can download and play on your own computer. Just be warned: You won’t be around to see the final ride end its eternal journey through theme park hell.

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