Jonah Hill’s ‘Fit’ UGG Boots Are “Cozycore” Personalized

UGG is having a bit of a moment right now.

Whether transcending during fashion month with Martine Rose, Saul Nash and Ahluwalia (to name but a few), linking up with Telfar for yet another bag collection, or partnering with serial London-based collaborators Palace, UGG is certainly having a moment.

In truth, its rise has been a long time coming and with “kozycore” now making its mark across both luxury and everyday fashion, there will be a lot more UGG content than any of us are ready for. believe me

That said, if UGG being welcomed into a new realm of opulence wasn’t enough to convince you that the footwear label is ready to put down a marker in 2023, the fact that Jonah Hill is pushing them should hopefully clear things up a bit.

The You People director was spotted meandering around Brentwood’s Country Mart on March 9 flaunting not only a new svelte physique (we needs his secret), but also some Kapital jeans and a pair of classic tan UGG boots, in what is his latest fire “fit in a long and ever-growing list.

Obviously, Hill isn’t the first celebrity to give UGG the official stamp of approval with fellow Hollywood star (and super comfy dresser too) Adam Sandler another longtime admirer of the brand.

Sandler — who pairs his UGGs with a set of peach basketball shorts and a Colombian fur — is a bit of a trendsetter when it comes to the world of comfy clothes, and has made a habit of making comfort his number one priority. , no matter the occasion.

If you weren’t convinced about the UGG revival before, Jonah Hill and Adam Sandler’s endorsement of the brand should at least now make things official.

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