Hogwarts Legacy PS5 Platinum Is A Pain In The Butt

To begin, you will need to find each one collectibles in the game – an outrageous 603 items, to be clear. While many of these are relatively simple to locate, and your map includes plenty of checklists, it’s a ridiculous number – and to add insult to injury, the Trophy is a bit buggy, meaning it’s possible to end your campaign with one or two items. .

Games like Days Gone allowed you to settle for 75 percent of the collectibles when the numbers were this high, and we think the same should be applied here. The release also requires you to interact with all its open-world bumps: there are a mind-blowing 95 Merlin Trials to complete, but they all subscribe to the same four or five solutions.

And then there’s the real kicker: the game forces you to play the first five or six hours of the campaign with each individual house, repeating mostly the same quests. four different times. Again, none of this is difficult, but it is tedious and tedious – the kind of Trophy design we’ve come to expect is far behind us.

Given Hogwarts Legacy’s audience, we think a simpler, more accessible Platinum Trophy would be appreciated here. As it happens, Avalanche fell into some pretty avoidable pitfalls. If you still wish to unlock it, you can refer to our Trophy guide as part of our Hogwarts Legacy guide. But let’s hope a hypothetical sequel is a little more forgiving of the player’s time.

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