Download Big Starry Sur wallpapers for iPhone and Mac

Following on from the release of the amazing M2 MacBook Pro schematic wallpapers, Basic Apple Guy is out with his latest creation. Beautifully blending Apple’s Big Sur design and Van Gogh’s Starry Night style, you can download the Big Starry Sur wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Basic Apple Guy shared more about the creative process of working with AI for this wallpaper on his blog today:

Introducing Big Starry Sur, inspired by the macOS 11 Big Sur wallpaper, remade in the style of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous 1889 painting Starry Night.

I generated this image a while ago using the AI ​​image generator Midjourney. I ran multiple prompts a few dozen times using various variations of the phrase “Big Sur” and “Starry Night” before narrowing it down to an image I wanted and tweaking it further to refine the generation. From there, I started using ML upscaling, sharpening and making other edits to produce the final product.

Download Big Starry Sur wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, Mac

On Twitter, someone asked if he could do something similar with the “old galaxy wallpapers from OS X” and Basic Apple Guy replied “Of course. Sooner. 🤫” We’ll keep an eye out for what comes next 😁.

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