Diablo 4 Beta Players Are Experiencing Long Wait Times and Server Issues

Those hoping to get an early start on killing the queen of Succubi had to wait longer than expected as many players logged onto the Diablo 4 beta servers today to find out. long queue times and error codes preventing them from jumping into the ARPG.

Today is the start of the early access beta available to those who pre-ordered the full game or got a code by eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, while next weekend will host anyone who wants to start their adventures early in the open beta.

But many players were greeted by long wait times to log into the server, error codes and other issues.

Taking to Twitter while facing wait times of over an hour, players took the opportunity to warn their fellow demon slayers and make light of the situation.

The overloaded servers and long wait times continued into the afternoon. The official Diablo Twitter account recently commented on the issues, saying, “We are aware of the issues affecting Open Beta Early Access, leading to long queue times and server disconnections. The team is managing the rate of players entering the game until we have a full fix for the connection issues.”

Players can monitor the known issues and fixes on the Blizzard website.

Previously, Blizzard warned players to anticipate wait times and warned that players should not leave the queue even if they are stuck on a waiting screen after the wait timer has expired:

“Users may experience queuing when logging into Diablo IV during Early Access Beta Weekend. Please note that the countdown may end and go past the duration listed on the queue timer. DO NOT leave the queue as this will restart the queue. We will have more accurate timers in place for Open Beta Weekend.”

Meanwhile, Blizzard forums have been overflowing with users posting their issues and frustrations, including a thread from console players who were repeatedly booted after waiting the length of the queue’s wait time.

Wait times and server issues aren’t new to betas, which are partially intended as stress tests before a full launch, especially for games as hotly anticipated as the next entry in Blizzard’s long-running ARPG franchise.

However, waiting times are never good. Here’s hoping the issues clear up soon so I can start recruiting my undead necromancer army. For more, check out the first 17 minutes of the Diablo IV beta.

Travis Northup is a writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @TieGuyTravis and read his coverage of games here.

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