‘Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix does not accept Tom Sandoval’s affair excuses


‘Vanderpump Rules’ Affair

Ariana doesn’t have Tom’s apology…

Not yet, anyway

Ariana Madix is not in the mood for her ex-bf Tom Sandovalapologizes for his affair with fellow “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars Rachel Leviss … because she’s still steaming mad.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Ariana is nowhere near being able to process Tom’s explanations and mea culpas, and she has no interest in talking about it with him right now.

Instead, we’re told Ariana’s mood has been more like “screw you” ever since Find out her boyfriend of nine years cheated on her with Raquel … who AM used to consider a close friend.

As we reported, it took Tom a week to sorry to Ariana for the affair, acknowledging his faults and saying he was too selfish.

So far, it’s fallen on deaf ears … our sources say Ariana is down in Mexico for a friend’s wedding, which was planned before the scandal rocked her world. Sounds like divine timing.

BTW, Tom was also invited to the wedding but had bowed out due to a previous engagement…again, a decision made before the cheating came to light.

We’re told Ariana knows she’ll have to sit down with Tom and hash things out at some point — they have a house together — but that’s just not a priority for her right now.

This unraveling is going to take time, folks.

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