Tom Schwartz Fence Sits in 1st Comment on ‘Vanderpump’ Cheating Scandal

Tom Schwartz

1. public comments on the ‘VR’ scandal…

Bigger fence sitting!!!

Tom Sandoval‘s business partner, Tom Schwartzhas so far been mum on the cheating scandal – but now he’s breaking his silence … and boy, is he trying to walk a fine line.

A pap ran into Schwartz at LAX Saturday, where the guy seemed open and willing to talk about anything … the first time he’s spoken publicly on the subject, which has dragged on for nearly 2 weeks now. Interestingly, he seems quite chipper here.

Check it out … TS says Sandoval is doing OK all things considered – but notes that his right hand – with which he has invested in both TomTom’s and Schwartz & Sandy’s Lounge – is filled with deep sadness and feels like a POS … rightfully so, he adds.

Schwartz says Sandoval knows he’s up to something… and he (Schwartz) feels for everyone involved, saying it’s just an awkward situation all around. That’s putting it mildly!

While Schwartz refrains from throwing Sandoval et al Rachel Leviss under the bus … he seems to show some outward support for Ariana Madix, the one that was Was unfaithful. He says she has a good support system around her and hopes she goes on a “living spree”.

As for whether Schwartz was aware of any of this going on before it became public … he’s playing his cards close to the vest — and of course he’s teasing the show and asking people to tune in. One thing he does make clear … the whole saga has actually hurt business.

There are reports that TomTom’s liquor license was pulled this week amid all the drama – but it’s unclear if that has anything to do with what’s going on with TomAriana/Raquel. In any case, all of Tom and Tom’s business has come under a lot of scrutiny in recent days.

Back to Schwartz though. He says he believes everything will be fine in the long run and is taking things day by day. Good attitude…considering what he is be dragged himself.

The guy’s lengthy response hasn’t gone down well with many ‘Vanderpump’ fans … time will tell if his words here can mollify them before it’s all dealt with on camera for Bravo. 😬

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