Australian magician Ben Murphy was allegedly assaulted during the Royal Caribbean show


March 12, 2023 | 06:51

Jealously got the best of him.

Ben Murphy, an Australian TV host and magician, was allegedly attacked during his performance on a Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas cruise on March 1.

During the trick, Murphy and the volunteer sat with folded playing cards sticking out of their mouths while Murphy leaned in for a “kiss” — a part of the trick where the magician will “trade” the cards into the other’s mouth.

Murphy then tried to take the card out of his mouth, but his eyes, seen on a large screen on stage, widen as a member of the crowd – believed to be the woman’s partner – stormed the stage and pushed the entertainer to the ground.

“My assault on board. Entertainment, comedy and magic are NOT contact sports. This guest should not have been allowed to enjoy the rest of his cruise,” Murphy wrote on TikTok.

Murphy claimed he had multiple bruises and “blurred vision,” according to 7News.

“Hit my head so I’ve had blurred vision,” Murphy said, adding that the medical team on board advised him to see a neurologist.

Murphy said the volunteer had given her consent to the act.

“She was lovely and laughing and having a great time, dancing and giggling and consenting to it all,” Murphy said.

Magician Ben Murphy performed a “kiss” with his volunteer before the attack.
Ben Murphy: Instagram

The magician alluded to officials not being helpful after the incident, saying his statement wasn’t taken until a week after the alleged assault.

“Statements should have been taken by the witness that day,” Murphy said. “How they said there were no witnesses to this is beyond me.”

Viewers took to Instagram to share their support for Murphy, one asking if the magician was able to continue with the show.

“If you finished the show, you deserve an award. It would take superhuman strength to stay on stage after that,” magician Chris Herrick commented on Instagram.

The attacker is believed to be the partner of the female volunteer.
Ben Murphy: Instagram
Ben Murphy continued with the show after the attack.
Ben Murphy: Instagram

“Finished the show (25 minutes left. And made 2 more shoes 4 nights later)” Murphy replied.

Other commentators took the opportunity to ridicule the striker.

“Tell me you’re insecure in your relationship without telling me you’re insecure in your relationship lol,” said one user.

“Dog ruined that damn magic trick, now I never know what’s going to happen,” another user added.

Ben Murphy is an Australian magician and television presenter.
Ben Murphy: Instagram

The Quantum of the Seas was on a five-day Queensland cruise departing Brisbane on February 26 and returning on March 3, according to an itinerary on CruiseMapper.

Murphy’s website claims he has sold out over 300 shows in the US and holds the world record for the most times someone has performed the “Houdini Chinese Underwater Torture Cell”.

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