ABC to sell off 2023 Oscars ad inventory – The Hollywood Reporter

The Oscars are officially sold out… of advertising spots.

Disney said Friday that the 95th Academy Awards telecast, set for Sunday, is officially sold out of ad inventory from a wide variety of brands and advertisers. As you might expect, the entertainment industry and related fields are particularly well represented.

Among the sponsors this year are Disney-owned Hulu and Walt Disney Motion Pictures, but also Universal, Sony, Warner Bros., Amazon, Snapchat and Paramount+. Other advertiser mainstays include Allstate, TurboTax, Hyundai, Starbucks and Volvo.

The “Proud Sponsors” (actually the main sponsors) are Pfizer, Rolex and Verizon.

The Oscars are a critical piece of the advertising puzzle for Disney, as the awards show (despite ratings challenges in recent years) remains one of only a handful of programs that can gain scale on live television. They are seen as particularly important to studios who use the program to pitch their upcoming films to moviegoers.

In 2022, the only non-sports events to beat Nielsen’s top 100 program list were the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Academy Awards.

And while the advertising market remains difficult, the Oscars appear to be resilient.

A source familiar with the matter said prices for a 30-second spot this year sold for between $1.6-$2.1 million, down from a peak of $2.2 million last year. However, they noted that most Oscar spots were sold in advance this year, rather than on the scatter market.

“This Sunday we will deliver an unforgettable evening of television. Our sponsors showed up in full force, across every major category with new and custom creative, participating in a spectacular evening celebrating the greatest achievements in storytelling and the moments that bring us together,” said Rita Ferro, President for Disney Advertising, in a statement. “The Oscars are a cultural phenomenon at the center of creativity and entertainment — and with Jimmy Kimmel back at the helm, our all-star production team is ready to bring the magical night to movie fans everywhere.”

Updated at 1.25pm ​​with 30 second ad rates.

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