Ventura County sheriff draws $512K in combined pension, salary

  • No other elected official in Ventura County also receives a county pension.
  • The Ventura County Taxpayers Association sees a problem with drawing a pension and a salary.
  • Sheriff Jim Fryhoff’s predecessor went the opposite way.

After Jim Fryhoff was elected Ventura County sheriff last year, he officially retired from his job as chief of the sheriff’s office before taking his new position as head of the department. That allowed him to begin drawing a $180,000-a-year county pension on top of his sheriff’s salary of $332,000.

The move is legal and Ventura County’s taxpayer watchdog group says it’s not improper. If Fryhoff had not done so, he would have had to wait to receive his pension until he leaves his position as sheriff, but the pension would then be much larger, perhaps as much as $300,000 a year.

But the fact that he draws a pension and salary from the same employer that add up to more than $500,000 a year has raised some eyebrows. Joe Nation, a professor of public policy at Stanford University and a former Democratic member of the California Assembly, said this is the type of “double dipping” that former Gov. Jerry Brown tried to eliminate in 2013 when he signed the Pension Reform Act. .

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