The smart way to save money while on holiday

BEFORE you head abroad on your two-week holiday to Spain, there’s a sneaky way you can save money.

If you have a gym membership at home, you can make sure it doesn’t go to waste.

Your gym membership can save you money on vacationCredit: Alamy

Gym memberships can be expensive, costing an average of £40 nationally.

And if you choose a fortnight abroad, it can feel like a wasted month.

However, there is an app you can use that lets you rent out your gym membership for the weeks you’re away.

Athlo, which calls itself an “Airbnb for gyms,” lets you sell your own gym membership to others when you’re not using it.

The way it works is by listing it on the app for a fee, then letting others pay to use the gym or classes.

You can then get cashback per person who uses it.

Gyms on the app include F45, BodyBarr and The Manor, as well as a number of boxing clubs in London, although there are plans to expand internationally.

The app claims users can save up to 90 percent on their gym membership if they go on vacation for two weeks and rent out their membership.

Most hotels also have even better gyms – so you can get paid while still working out on holiday.

Here are some of the best wellness and fitness breaks both in the UK and abroad.

Or you can visit Body Camp Mallorca, a luxury fitness retreat on a sprawling 25-hectare site in Sencelles

And Sun Online Travel recently visited the fitness hotel Barcelo Active Lanzarote Resort – here’s what you can expect from it.

You can still work out on holiday – but save money on your home gym membershipCredit: Getty

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