The bond market is rising on rocket fuel right now

  • 2-year Treasury yields -38.7bps to 4.201% (started the session at 4.433%)
  • 5-year Treasury yields -28.2 bps to 3.671%
  • 10-year Treasury yields -16.3 bps to 3.531%
  • 30-year Treasury yields -4.9 bps to 3.651%

That bid in bonds since Thursday of last week has been relentless, and the moves today in particular are quite dizzying. The above would mark the biggest daily drop for 2-year Treasury yields since 2008. And this is actually not just contained in the US. 2-year German bond yields are down 40 bps to 2.670% currently on one of the worst days on record, with 10-year German bond yields down 24 bps to 2.252% in the worst fall since 2011.

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