This new entrepreneur was ready to work as an intern even after earning millions of euros. here’s why

Third Unicorn co-founder Aseem Ghavri wanted to work as an intern or personal assistant with the best start-up founders in the country, he revealed. In a podcast with social media influencer Raj Shamani, Ghavri said, “I wanted to understand the whole funding game. I was ready to work as an intern or as a PA.” The other co-founder at Third Unicorn is the more popular Ashneer Grover. Gharvi revealed that he was affected by how everyone was only focusing on becoming a unicorn. “I was 16 or 17 when I started my first business. I’ve seen people celebrated for raising funds despite suffering losses. And here we were focusing a lot on the unitary economy,” he said and further added, “We developed using our own money, but no one asked us,” he said. This caused a lot of discontent to the point where Ghavri started wondering, “Mene toh kuch kia hi nahi hai unicorn hi hota hai sab kuch. (I did nothing… becoming a unicorn is everything…)” A unicorn refers to a company that is valued at over $1 billion. Ghavri revealed that he has previously launched and run several ventures without raising funds. Prior to Third Unicorn, Ghavri founded three other ventures, including BlockTech Brew (a data analytics product) and Hungryville (a food cart business that was later acquired). He launched Code Brew Labs in 2013, a start-up that provides an end-to-end application development ecosystem. Ghavri said that while Code Brew Labs was a success with over 10,000 customers worldwide, including BharatPe, Vodafone, Neilson, among others, he felt it wasn’t quite there yet. The tech entrepreneur said he wrote cold emails to all the top entrepreneurs in the country, including Grover. Initially, he didn’t get a response from anyone, but he persevered. After some struggles, it was Grover who responded to Ghavri, and the two later released “Third Unicorn” in 2022.

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