Meet Amsterdam startups raising funds in Q1 2023

Amsterdam is becoming a thriving hub for startups, with a vibrant ecosystem supporting new businesses from a wide range of sectors.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of startups, many of which have attracted significant investment from venture capitalists and angel investors.

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One of the key drivers of Amsterdam’s startup scene is the city’s innovative spirit and entrepreneurial culture. There is a strong emphasis on creativity, collaboration and experimentation, which has helped foster a dynamic ecosystem of startups pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Another factor that has contributed to Amsterdam’s success as a startup hub is the availability of funding. The city is home to several venture capital firms and angel investors who are eager to support innovative new businesses.

We have compiled a list of startups in Amsterdam that are now raising funds. This list was compiled with input from StartupAmsterdam’s collaboration with Golden Egg Check and Startup Fountain.

Golden Egg Check is a startup analyst that helps track all startups, expansions and VC deals.

It provides an online tool to assess companies’ potential, feasibility and investor readiness.

The company aims to make the Netherlands the #1 startup ecosystem in Europe by providing data, information and networks within the (Dutch) tech and VC ecosystem.

Startup Fountain is an open fundraising platform that provides free introductions to startups and investors. It does not charge success fees and registration is also free.

Here is the list of startups in Amsterdam looking for new funding.

Image credits: Billie Wonder

Billie Wonder

Founder/s: Steef Fleur

Based in Amsterdam, Billie Wonder wants to make washable diapers more affordable.

Billie Wonder sells a selection of diapers that are easy to use and provides information on how washable diapers work. In addition, the company also provides accessories such as litter bins, diaper bags and wipes to help parents reduce waste and money.

Image credits: Silatha


Founder/s: Veroniek Vermeulen

Silatha has developed a meditation and community program to support companies in creating a healthy environment for women, addressing their mental needs triggered by pregnancy, motherhood, female leadership, menopause and more.

The Silatha Meditation Course is a 21-day guided meditation practice and takes 15 to 20 minutes per day.

The platform was created to address personal and professional challenges so that women feel more fulfilled in their workplace, perform better and ultimately stay.

Image Credits: EVTrader


Founder(s): Diane van den Akker,

Based in Amsterdam, EVTrader is the marketplace for buying/selling or renting electric cars and the platform for “electric mobility”.

The Dutch company offers a platform where buyers and lessees of electric vehicles can transact directly, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing costs.

The platform provides real-time price information and enables easy and secure transactions. EVTrader aims to promote the adoption of electric vehicles by making them easier and more affordable for businesses and individuals.

Image credits: Circle Closet

Closet Circle

Founder/s: Florentine Gillis

Circle Closet is a fashion rental community in Amsterdam that rents and lends designer clothing for occasions. The company is on a mission to make the fashion industry sustainable.

Image Credits: GetEase


Founder/s: Ilona van Wegen, Maurits de Cler

GetEase is an on-demand marketplace that offers lifestyle services directly to your home, including massages, manicures, pedicures, brows, makeup, hair, professional grooming, yoga and personal training.

The company’s plug-and-play platform helps service providers expand into the digital space and find new customers with the backend of their core business.

It offers everything from insurance, accounting support, brand partnerships and finding the right equipment to certifications.

Image credits: Electron aerospace

Aerospace Electronics

Founder/s: Marc-Henry de Jong, Josef Mouris

Based in Amsterdam, ELECTRON aerospace designs, manufactures and sells battery electric aircraft.

Image credits: Recruit


Founder/s: Karim Akhlal

Recruit combines social science and SaaS technology to help recruitment companies predict the best hires and select the right people.

The company’s Applicant Matching System (AMS) enables every organization to digitize and automate their recruitment process and objectively make the best matches based on their ideal job and culture.

Image credits: Sumting


Founder/s: Mike Odenhoven, Gijs Schuringa, Guido de Rooij

Based in Amsterdam, Sumting is a results-based platform for nature restoration that provides real evidence for every contribution made.

The Dutch platform provides projects with a digital infrastructure to receive input from companies and individuals and provide feedback on execution.

Image credits: PARO Store

PARO shop

Founder(s): Ruth Sutherland, Zoe Patience

PARO is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of design-focused independent brands that design and produce products that are better for people and the planet.

The Amsterdam-based startup aims to help more people discover the small emerging brands that are driving the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future.

Image credits: Tap Electric

Tap Electric

Founder/s: Nico Spoelstra, Dan Pezim

Tap Electric is an Amsterdam-based startup committed to making car charging easy and accessible. The company also provides an efficient and scalable B2B platform for charger owners to collect payments from drivers at the lowest possible cost.

Image credits: Orthodoxx


Founder/s: Amé Raaphorst, Zoë Ginus

Based in Amsterdam, Orthodoxx is a digital fashion studio. The Dutch platform offers end-to-end digital fashion solutions to brands, designers and artists, from strategizing, conceptualizing and realizing Web3-related digital projects and products.

Image credits: Pal

The friend

Founder/s: NA

The Amsterdam-based startup offers digital home palliative care solutions for families affected by life-limiting illnesses.

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