Emani’s Eatz: A delicious journey into entrepreneurship

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, many people found themselves out of work and struggling to make ends meet. But for Emanfer James, it was an opportunity to turn her passion for cooking into a successful pastry and catering business. Thus, Emani’s Eatz was born.

Based in St Lucia, Emani’s Eatz is a pastry and catering business offering a wide variety of delicious treats to satisfy all appetites. From savory chicken, tuna and beef meatballs to cheese and sausage patties, to sweet mini pizzas, doughnuts, cheesecakes and more, Emanfer’s self-taught culinary skills ensure that every customer leaves satisfied and returns for more.

Starting a business is never an easy task, especially not during a pandemic. But with her passion for cooking and the encouragement of her friends, Emanfer began her entrepreneurial journey. It wasn’t always easy, as she says: “Being an entrepreneur is an exciting experience, but also a tough one. It’s exciting because you get to do something you’re passionate about and hard because the workload can become overwhelming. But so far, I’m loving it and I can’t complain.”

Emanfer’s persistence and hard work have paid off and he now aims to expand his business. Her goal is to establish a patisserie that will become the go-to place for breakfast for her customers and become one of the largest catering companies in St Lucia. With her dedication, passion and delicious food, it’s no wonder Emani’s Eatz has become a success.

For other entrepreneurs just starting out, Emanfer has some sage advice: “Be passionate about what you do, know your market, always have a plan and be prepared to make sacrifices for your business.” Emanfer’s success story is a true testament to the power of passion, hard work and determination.

To order some of Emanfer’s delicious treats from Emani’s Eatz, simply call 758-729-8396 or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @emaiseatz. Whether you’re in the mood for a savory snack or something sweet to satisfy your cravings, Emani’s Eatz has you covered.

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