Dynamic Discs, Dynamic Distribution sell to European venture capital companies

Dynamic Discs has a new owner and a slight adjustment to its management structure, but day-to-day operations are unchanged and the new ownership group could set up much-desired expansion for the business.

That’s according to Dynamic Discs founder, longtime owner and now strategic adviser Jeremy Rusco, who says both Dynamic Discs and Dynamic Distribution have sold to European venture capital firms Vendis and Equip. Both companies now join a larger conglomerate currently known as House of Discs.

Rusco tells KVOE News the conversations have been ongoing for a little more than a year and have solidified as venture capital leaders have been able to see Emporia’s relationship with the companies and the sport as a whole. He also tells KVOE News that this was the only conversation that turned into anything serious in years, even though he’s been responding to requests for years.

Rusco says it is making a “substantial reinvestment” in the new company, which also includes Dynamic partners such as Westside and Latitude 64, as well as Kastaplast, Handeye Supply Company and others – with additional acquisitions possible. Rusco says he’s moving away from the operational side of the business, but that’s the only major change in sight for now.

Rusco also sees a prime local opportunity to add something he’s wanted for years: manufacturing.

Rusco sees 10-15 percent growth continuing for the foreseeable future, and he believes a manufacturing facility could bring hundreds of jobs to Emporia if approved. Separately, Rusco says the schedule of Dynamic events, including the Monkey Island Open on March 25-26, the Glas Blown Open on April 28-30 and the Dynamic Discs Open on June 16-18, will remain unchanged.

Rusco started Dynamic Discs in March 2005 as an Ebay based disc golf store. Dynamic Discs transitioned from retailer to a combined retailer/manufacturer/distributor role in December 2012 when it partnered with Sweden’s Latitude 64 for disc design and production.

For Vendis and Equip, this follows on from last summer’s announcements to strengthen House of Discs.

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