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Planning to start a new business? Want to be guided with the help of a business mentor? Then this article is for you.

I often mention the importance of having someone to help you start a business. Starting a business requires more than having resources. It takes specific knowledge and skills to increase your chances of success. Most often, small business owners rely on the advice of their friends or family member in running the business. However, it is better to get someone with extensive experience in the field.

A mentor is someone who can provide you with assistance and support, help you develop your skills, tap into a vast network and help you achieve your goals. Entrepreneurs and founders cannot easily face the challenges that are unique to startups. With the help of a mentor, an entrepreneur can overcome obstacles in the early stages and quickly find solutions. The main role of mentors is to help entrepreneurs overcome these challenges and increase their chances of success.

A startup mentor can provide vast knowledge and years of experience. They have gone through several failures and successes – both in their personal and professional lives. Through these, a mentor can share the experiences and knowledge they have acquired, which every entrepreneur should be equipped with, especially in the early stages of the business.

Having been in this business for more than 30 years, I have seen many of my mentees grow. And the relationship did not end according to schedule. Some of them became good friends. I am genuinely interested in the success of each mentor. My success and fulfillment in seeing them grow their business and grow into more than they imagined. Some have also become business mentors, because they know the struggles of a startup and would like to share what they have learned from their journey.

The relationship between a mentor and a mentee is genuine. So finding the right mentor is essential – it shouldn’t be forced. If you want mentorship, find someone with a good track record of mentoring and a positive outlook on life. Some people think that mentoring is all about money. But some mentors are in it because of their dedication and commitment to helping and seeing others succeed.

Facts about startup hurdles
Fact #1: Growing a startup is challenging. Some aspiring entrepreneurs may lean on books or endlessly watch videos about starting businesses. Unfortunately, more is needed. Working through the starter challenges can be daunting, no matter how many hours you spend on these materials. The first-hand experience of mentors is a chest full of valuable lessons that are useful to entrepreneurs.

Having a mentor makes it easier for entrepreneurs when it comes to making decisions. The mentor will provide unbiased advice. Therefore, the entrepreneur can look at the problem from different perspectives, reducing the risk of jumping into something that the entrepreneur needs to prepare for.

Fact #2: Mentorship allows you to tap into a vast network. Any entrepreneur should not be afraid to be around people. Therefore, one of the skills an entrepreneur should have is knowing how to communicate and build relationships. This relationship benefits any business, allowing entrepreneurs more opportunities to connect with potential partners and customers.

Fact #3: More capital is needed. Even if you have a budget for how much you’ll spend on your startup, it can be scary if you have a lot of plans and still don’t have the resources. An aspiring entrepreneur must equip himself with sufficient knowledge about the business. However, attending seminars and workshops may be an additional cost. But with the help of a mentor, it is easier to know so much and learn direct experience from the mentor himself. In addition, all the questions you have in mind can be answered immediately.

Fact #4: Mentoring opens up many opportunities and access to an extensive network. Mentors are connected to so many people. Thus, they usually belong to a massive group of individuals who mutually benefit each other. A mentor’s network allows entrepreneurs a way to meet potential partnerships and clients for their business.
People with whom the mentor is connected can also be good resources for questions an entrepreneur may have that the mentor may need to align with their personal experience. The parts you get through these connections are helpful on your road to entrepreneurship.

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