A look at Shillong’s first startup ‘Digital Fuel’ offering digital marketing services

Shankar Kr Turha

Combining friendship and business can be a winning formula for people who are passionate about taking on entrepreneurial challenges in a fast-growing world that has so much to offer. It’s easy to see why people do it – simply because similar interests and combined efforts often lead to great results in the business world.

The pressure of starting a business was a challenge for Shillong-based entrepreneurs Mansha Sharma and Pinak Deb, given the financial burden of preventing curtains for the venture – while keeping their faith in each other intact.

Mansha and Pinak, co-founders of Meghalaya-based online marketing company Digital Fuel-On, have been reaping the rewards so far and are on a fast track to scale the venture by attracting a significant customer base over the past few years.

Pinak Deb (left) and Mansha Sharma (right), co-founders of Meghalaya-based online marketing company Digital Fuel-On

The two have achieved success by taking proactive entrepreneurial steps to transform their business by incorporating elements of modern innovative business solutions, which also made Meghalaya Prime Hub take note of their business, thus selecting them for incubation and financing.

Digital Fuel-On Company, is your one stop online destination for all kinds of digital services providing end-to-end digital marketing services. Whether you are looking for a turnkey managed strategy, an independent audit or short term campaign specific services, their experience and approach is sure to prove a valuable asset to clients.

How did Digital Fuel-On start?

In 2022, Mansha Sharma and Pinak Deb, both from Shillong, realized that there was a huge market opportunity for them in the world of digital marketing, which led them to come up with Digital Fuel-On, an online services company at reasonable prices.

After coming up with the idea, the duo decided to work hard in an attempt to launch their startup without jeopardizing their friendship.

Sharma and Deb were friends before they started their online business, however, both came from completely different backgrounds, with Deb coming from a business background while the other came from a media and technology background. Mansha is the blabbering one while Pinak is more inclined towards the pragmatic demeanor he possesses.

Before declaring the business, Pinak worked for his family, but the two hit it off immediately because of a shared love of entrepreneurship. They both claimed and accepted that they both appreciated two aspects of each other: their skills and knowledge complemented each other.

While Mansha possesses the requisite creative design skills, Pinak possesses the requisite technical skills.

Speaking about their journey and transition process, the duo revealed the challenges they faced in the marketing and sales industry, however, the drive to take their vision forward kept them steadfast and determined not to falter road.

With time, the work and competence of the co-founders led the startup to expand its business not only in Shillong but also in other parts of the country.

Mansha, who is always optimistic about things, says that one of the biggest strengths in taking their business forward has been the two’s honesty with each other, as well as their business fundamentals, which have allowed them to climb the ladder without compromising their friendship.

She says many startups suffer from poor coordination and amplification of ideas among founders, which she says they’ve been able to overcome through their connections that have developed over time — leading to at the birth of Digital Fuel.

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