9 Innovative Startups in Ibadan in 2023

In recent years, Ibadan, a city in southwestern Nigeria, has become home to several tech startups that are disrupting various sectors with their inventive solutions.

These startups not only provide solutions to the challenges facing Nigerians, but also create jobs and drive economic growth.

In this article, we will highlight nine innovative startups in Ibadan that are crushing it in their respective industries.

1. Heyfood

Founded: 2021

Heyfood is an online food ordering and delivery platform that was founded in 2021 by Taiwo Akinropo (CEO) and Demilade (CTO). They offer customers an easy and convenient way to order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep. Heyfood is part of Y Combinator’s W22 batch, a startup accelerator program that invests in early-stage startups.

2. larch

Founder of Allerzo, Adewale Opaleye

Founded: 2018

Alerzo is a B2B e-commerce platform that digitizes trade and payment processes between FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) suppliers and informal traders. The startup was founded by Adewale Opaleye in 2018 and has since made significant strides in the industry. Alerzo aims to improve the distribution network of FMCG goods and make them more accessible to retailers and consumers.

3. Send it to me

Sendme website

Founded: 2020

Sendme is a company that uses social commerce and artificial intelligence to meet the animal protein requirements of Nigerian households and businesses at great prices. They supply a variety of the best animal proteins to individuals and over 100 restaurants and hotels in Ibadan and Abeokuta. The startup was founded in 2020 by Daniel Afolayan and is also part of Y Combinator’s W22 batch.

4. Foodlocker

Foodlocker HQ

Founded: 2017

Foodlocker is a Nigerian food procurement startup for smallholder farmers that was founded in 2017 by Femi Aiki (CEO) and Jennifer Okoduwa. Foodlocker aims to improve the incomes and livelihoods of smallholder farmers by giving them access to markets and increasing their incomes. The startup has made significant strides in the industry since its inception.

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5. Learn Africa

Koya Africa website

Founded: 2019

Koya Africa is an online learning marketplace for educators for k-12 education in Africa. Koya teaches educators/schools how to create quality online courses based on pre-recorded reviews, primarily for their existing students and helps them monetize using the Koya app. Founded in 2019, the startup is making a significant impact on education in Africa by giving teachers the tools to create online courses and monetize them.

6. Go

Run the website

Founded: 2021

Lopeer is a hybrid neobank that helps users send and receive money globally, pay bills, save, spend with USD cards, receive and exchange crypto. The startup was founded in 2021 by Joseph Adediji (CEO) and Eze Sunday (CTO). Lopeer aims to give Nigerians access to affordable financial services and improve financial inclusion in the country.

7. Crop2Cash

Crop2Cash website

Founded: 2018

Crop2Cash is a digital financial services provider for smallholder farmers. Co-founded in 2018 by Michael Ogundare, Emem Essien and Seyi Alabi, Crop2Cash aims to make formal finance accessible to smallholder farmers. In 2020, Crop2Cash was part of the Google for Startups Accelerator: Africa cohort, and in 2021, they received non-dilutive funding, cloud credits and ongoing support from the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund. With Crop2Cash, farmers can easily access finance, inputs and markets through their mobile phones.

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8. Columns

Kolomoni website

Founded: 2014

Kolomoni is a fintech startup offering a savings app with flexible savings at competitive interest rates and agency banking services. The platform is a product of CapitalSage Limited and aims to provide Nigerians with easy access to financial services regardless of their location or income level.

The Kolomoni savings app allows users to save money at flexible intervals and users can earn interest on their savings. The platform also offers agency banking, allowing users to deposit and withdraw cash from their accounts at any authorized agent location.

9. Popular

Founded: 2021

Gbale is a proptech startup that makes finding a house to rent easy and hassle-free. They provide users with all the necessary information about properties and property managers in different parts of the city. Founded by Oluwatimileyin Lawal in 2021, Gbale has been helping people find their dream homes since its inception.

Overall, these nine innovative startups in Ibadan are making a significant impact on the startup ecosystem in the city. From food delivery to fintech, each startup addresses a critical need in the Nigerian market and is poised for continued growth and success.

As these startups continue to scale and grow, they have the potential to transform the Nigerian economy and create a more vibrant startup ecosystem across Africa.

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