Three shops to close next week – watch the towns lose another business

HUNDREDS of stores and chains are closing their doors for good – and some are closing for good next week.

Retailers have been hit hard by inflation as product costs are at record highs and customer demand is falling.


A number of stores, including Walmart and CVS, will close their doors next weekCredit: Getty

Around 40 percent of the country’s department stores have closed since 2016.

Last year alone, over 60 major retailers filed for bankruptcy, including Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Sears, Lucky Brand, Forever 21 and Circuit City.

The US Sun has compiled a list of all the store closings you can expect next week, and they’re affecting customers from coast to coast.


Walmart has nearly 5,000 stores nationwide, but the company admitted that some have failed to meet “financial expectations,” local CBS affiliate Chicago WBBM reported.

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The store in Pinellas Park, Florida will close for good on Friday, March 17.

On the same day, the pharmacy will close at Walmart’s Washington, DC store on H Street.

This means that people who have regular prescription drugs will have to find a new pharmacy to get their supplies.

The rest of the store closes two weeks later on March 31.


Piggly Wiggly operates in 18 states and is a grocery store with a large presence in the South and Midwest.

Unfortunately, it has also become the latest victim of the retail apocalypse and will be closing a store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

No specific date has yet been set, but the company’s senior executive said in an email that “employee separations” are expected to begin during the 14-day period beginning Saturday, March 18, 2023.

3. CVS

There will be a number of CVS closings throughout the month of March, including some next week.

“We consider many factors when making store closure decisions, including maintaining access to pharmacy services, local market dynamics, population shifts, a community’s store density and ensuring there are other geographic access points to meet community needs,” the store said. as reported by local Fox affiliate WDAF-TV.

A CVS in Tallahassee, Florida will have its last day on Thursday, March 16.


New inflationary spending habits combined with a rise in e-commerce have left many brick and mortar stores struggling to hang on – hundreds have already closed in the wake of what has been coined the “retail apocalypse.”

Party City plans to close over 20 stores, but potentially more closures are on the way.

The beloved party supply center is closing 10 stores and auctioning off 12 stores in the coming weeks.

Bed Bath & Beyond announced on January 30 that it will continue to close another 87 stores this year.

The chain, known for its popular home goods such as dinnerware and small white goods, is closing more than a hundred stores nationwide.

See the full list of store closings taking place in 2023.

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Aldi is also closing some locations this year, but opening five new ones.

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