Food prices at record highs

The price of a basket of essential products has risen by around four euros in the last week alone.

The price of a basket of essential products rose again for the third week in a row. In the last week alone, the price of this basket increased by around four euros, already exceeding 234 euros, according to the Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO).

In February, inflation fell to 8.2%, i.e. the fourth month in a row with a price slowdown. However, the inflation rate for unprocessed food rose again in February for the third consecutive month and stood at 20.09%. This is the highest value in 38 years. For nine months, food prices have been in double digits.

This trend is actually signaled by DECO, which this Thursday states that the food basket increased by 4.09 euros (1.77%) in the last week to 234.84 euros , that is, a record since the beginning of monitoring (the January 5, 2022), which monitors the development of the price of 63 foodstuffs.

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