Fifteen US cities with the highest GDP, mapped

Correction Update 3/10: Fixed the errors in the city GDP figures and statistics and graphics.

As of 2021, US GDP hovered above $23 trillion. Most economic output, well over 90 percent, comes from America’s metro areas, which can be classified as the nation’s economic hubs. Raul Amoros, Avery Koop and Joyce Ma mapped these places to see how they stack up against each other.

Key takeaways

  • Only two US metro areas have a GDP north of $1 trillion: the New York-Newark-Jersey City (NY-NJ-PA) and the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim (CA) area.

  • Among America’s 384 metropolitan areas, some of the smallest are in Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, Idaho and Washington and have GDPs lower than $3.65 million each.

  • By 2022, SF led Bay Area cities in GDP growth at 4.8 percent, followed by Austin (4.3 percent), Seattle (3.5 percent) and Raleigh-Durham (3.4 percent).

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Via Visual Capitalist.

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